While layoffs were happening elsewhere and it seemed that baristas, waitresses and chefs were professions of the past, we gritted our teeth and took on new team members who happened to have previously worked on board an airplane. Who else should take them on but the Pilot?

In addition, due to the lockdown quiet mode, we had a lot of time to think about how to make our cafe a little more cozy. And so a design of a very comfortable bench was born in our heads, which we then made ourselves! It took a while before the first customers could sit on it, but at least we had time to decorate its surroundings and thus complete our unique modern look, which caught the attention of more than one cafe lounger or influencer.

And that's not all! Right after the world more or less returned to normal, we started organizing public cuppings, where you can taste our latest selection of coffees and learn a lot of interesting information about their taste and production. We have several plans for the future and we are already looking forward to being able to implement them for you. Whatever turbulence comes our way, our Pilot can handle it!