Who wouldn't want to improve someone's day every morning with a cup of quality coffee or a piece of something yummy? The dream of our own cafe, in which everything would be according to our ideas and where we would be able to use more than 20 years of experience in the environment of gastronomic establishments, became a reality for us in October 2019.

However, the opening of the cafe was preceded by long months of planning, coming up with a design and finding a suitable location and quality staff. We managed to do all this perfectly, so on October 4th we finally welcomed our first customers and looked forward to seeing their happy faces regularly. At that time we thought that the most difficult thing was to open the cafe, and everything would work like clockwork thanks to our determination and the great work of the whole team. However, fate threw a lot of turbulence into the course of our comfortable flight, which fortunately our great crew and the Pilot survived in good health!